Knox Refrigeration Five Questions To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Commercial Refrigeration

Five Questions To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is essential to any food service business; whether it be a liquor store, convenience store, restaurant, deli…the list goes on!  Here at Knox we not only believe in providing quality equipment to our customers, but most importantly we want to provide our customers with the correct units for their needs.  Here are some questions you may find yourself asking yourself while purchasing commercial refrigeration.

1.     Can I use a residential unit for my store?  The answer to this one is simple: Never! Not a good idea.  Residential units are fine for the home use because they are not nearly getting the volume and use of a commercial unit.  Your residential unit is probably opened only a handful of times per day while a commercial unit is opened hundreds of times.  All that cold air going in and out of a residential unit wouldn’t cool the product correctly, send your energy bill sky-high, and ruin a lot of your product!

2.     I’ve never opened a store.  I don’t know what would work best for me. This is what we’re here for.  Just give us a call and speak to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives and they will let you know exactly what would work best for your type of store.  As long as you have an idea of what you are looking to sell, we will give you a great idea of what type of equipment you need to attain.

3.     What do people mean by Remote or Self Contained Refrigeration? What is the difference? The difference between Remote and Self Contained is pretty simple.  A remote unit has the refrigeration separate from the equipment itself.  This means the condensing unit/compressor is either in a basement, outdoors, on the roof, etc.  A self contained unit, on the other hand, has the condensing unit/compressor on the inside of the unit, usually towards the bottom where you will see the grill. 

Self Contained units are more economical but do create more heat and noise inside the store.  Remote units are beneficial for large pieces of equipment, such as walk in coolers, because the heat and noise is generally moved outdoors where it isn’t a disturbance inside the store.

4.     I don’t have the budget right now for new equipment.  Is it smart to purchase used? This is a tricky question.  By purchasing used, you aren’t guaranteed to get the quality expected when purchasing a new unit.  Here at Knox we do sell “used” equipment, but it is reconditioned/remanufactured  to work as if it’s brand new.  Buying used cases on websites like eBay or Craigslist is a huge risk since you truly don’t know what you’re getting from the buyer. 

5.     Is maintenance easy for commercial units? Yes! As long as you take care of it every 6 months or so.  Most maintenance requires a simple dusting behind the coils and just making sure everything is clean.  Every  12 months  it’s recommended that you have someone who services refrigeration come take a look and make sure everything is running well.



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