Knox Refrigeration Purchasing Commercial Refrigeration

Purchasing new refrigeration for your store is an excellent way to MAKE money and SAVE money. New merchandising units are designed to showcase the products you are selling. Better lighting and gravity flow shelving will make the items your customer wants easier to find, reach and purchase. With improved insulation and gaskets, your refrigerator or freezer will stay cold using less energy. The refrigeration system will run less and put less heat into your store.

LED lighting will provide significant savings over fluorescent lighting by using less energy to operate and by being nearly maintenance free for years. Fluorescent lights lose brightness as they age. It happens slowly so you may not notice it, but your old fluorescents may only be giving out a fraction of the light they were when they were new.

With walk in display coolers and freezers, the key is in the design. You want your customers to clearly see the items you are offering them. We will design your display doors to have the largest viewable area possible and we’ll make sure the refrigeration system is the right size to do the job. We will use the correct thickness of insulation for the application and work with you to choose a color and finish for the doors and walls that will make your store look great. All of our walk in display units meet all Federal energy guidelines such as energy saving fans, lighting and door glass/ frame heater controls.

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