Tips to buy Commercial Refrigeration Products

Tips to buy Commercial Refrigeration Products

The selection of the right commercial refrigeration system for your business’ needs is not an easy task. Those who want to purchase a new refrigerator or freezer for their store may find a vast array of options when they start to look for equipment. It should be kept in mind that like any other major purchase, brand is important for commercial refrigerator products also. While some of the brands are known for quality and durability, some other brands focus on the price tag. It is advisable to go for products from a reputable manufacturer. For all the brands that are available, there are also manufacturer’s warranties to be considered. When choosing a product, compare warranty coverage and the way any issues will be handled. Another very important factor is choosing the correct sized unit for your application. Know the measurements of the space available for your new equipment: length, width and height. You also need to be aware of the dimensions of the entryway the equipment will be brought in and the presence of any obstacles that may be in the way. The condensing unit is a vital part of the refrigerator. On self contained units the compressor will be attached top the equipment so any heat and noise produced will be inside the store.

Energy efficiency saves money

Anyone looking to purchase commercial refrigeration equipment should be aware of the fact that refrigerators and freezers are potentially the largest users of energy. Business owners can substantially reduce their utility costs by way of choosing energy efficient equipment. The refrigerators and freezers with Energy Star rating have been tested by independent laboratories and have passed strict guidelines regarding energy efficiency and insulation. If you have a choice, always choose Energy Star.

Quality Construction is Key

There are many different ways to make walk in panels. Knox Refrigeraton uses the best: wood framed urethane foamed in place panels that are covered with embossed, galvanized steel. Many panels are made with inferior insulation and won’t give you the same energy saving performance. We also use quality refrigeration components with easy to find replacement parts and size the equipment for the correct load. Undersized equipment may be cheaper up front but it will have to run more to keep your product cold and may not keep up on the hottest days of the year. Our display door manufacturer is the industry leader with the best engineered LED lighting systems in the market and many other energy saving innovations.

Remember, you may save a few dollars on your initial purchase, but you will spend all of them and more on poor energy efficiency and service issues.

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