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Knox is known throughout the country for providing high quality, energy efficient walk in coolers are an affordable price.  We provide custom walk in display coolers in a variety of styles, including L-shaped and beer caves.  Please call one of our specialists for more information!

Coolers & Freezers

From a single one door cooler all the way to warehouse sized coolers, here at Knox we can provide you with step by step instructions to what would work best given your needs.

Beverage Stores

Looking to open up or expand your beverage store? Look no further! We specialize in walk in panels, display doors, refrigeration systems and gravity flow shelving to make sure customers visit from miles away for the coldest beer in town.

Convenience Stores

From open merchandisers to ice cream freezers, we carry it all.  We can outfit your entire convenience store with new and refurbished equipment, so call us today for a quote!

Bars & Restaurants

We carry everything from under counter and keg coolers for the bar, to prep tables, storage refrigerators, and other equipment in the kitchen.   Let us help you find the best equipment for your bar and kitchen staff!

Bakery & Ice Cream

Bakery cases don’t only need to be efficient, they need to be attractive as well to display all your wonderful baked goods.  This goes for ice cream dipping cabinets as well.


Flowers require special attention when it comes to refrigeration.  Our reach in floral coolers and walk in floral coolers provide customers with beautiful display as well as keeping flowers fresh for that special occasion.

Reconditioned Equipment

We carry reconditioned coolers, freezers, deli cases and open merchandisers for those on a budget.  This equipment has been cleaned and tested to make sure it looks and feels almost new.

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FM-3-24 Self Contained Three Door White Floral Cooler

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