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Walk-in Display Coolers

Knox Refrigeration supplies the most technologically advanced, state-of-the-art,walkin Display Coolers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Not only do our Walk-Ins attract customers because of how incredible they look, but our specially formulated urethane insulated panels, refrigeration systems equipped with special electronic controllers, and display doors with LED lighting help redefine energy efficiency standards that lower your electric bills and keep your equipment operating longer than ever before. Whether selling beer, soda, dairy or other various food items, Knox Refrigeration custom manufactures multi-door walkin display coolers that best suit the most demanding retail requirements.

Multidoor Display Cooler for liquor store

Walk-in Storage Coolers & Freezers

We offer a complete line of custom walkin coolers & freezers designed to meet your specifications. Knox Refrigeration will help maximize your walkin space based on your store size & available work area. All walkin coolers and freezers can be designed and constructed for indoor or outdoor use.

Beer Caves

Beer Caves offer a great opportunity for business to optimize the space available, present a fun and interactive experience for their customers, and offer beer and other product at the optimal temperature. Customer can easily access the beer cave through multiple door and window options available, enabling customers to see product from outside the beer cave before entry. Storing beer in the beer cave reducing cooling time when restocking and limits the time your shelves are empty, maximizing the potential for beer sales.

Beer Cave cooler with stone exterior and glass door

Self Contained Coolers & Freezers

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Knox Refrigeration also offers other commercial refrigeration equipment designed for many different cold product applications. At Knox Refrigeration, we offer self contained beverage merchandisers, open island merchandisers sometimes referred to as shop around merchandisers, floral coolers, ice machines, and ice merchandisers.

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